Saturday, 26 April 2014

My views on veronica mars the movie

The first curious thing about this movie is that it's 10 years after the sudden end of the series. I admit I was crushed by the sudden cut of the series, it was left as a cliffhanger which really vexed me but when I heard of the movie reboot, I was soooo happy and as it turns out, it was worth it. veronica left Neptune and made it but just like every junkie, it never really leaves you just like she never really got over Logan echollos. I was sooo happy that Logan finally got his act together and became an airman as in really the airforce that's a real step up from his usual demeanor. She's still with piz though which was kind of annoying at first until she had to pull Logan out of another trouble. The first scene between them was very clear and it showed everything I hoped it would like the fact their still really into each other and when she kept on putting going back to new York off, I knew she would never go back there. I love the whole murder story too being the fact that all the people involved were also being blackmailed. All in all, the movie was what I expected it to be. If you were a veronica mars fan, you'll love the movie too and if you've never watched the series before, Welcome to the world of murder, mystery and money. Go and watch the series too, you'll love it.

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