Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The cancer story that raised almost £5M

This is a fascinating story I Just had to post. This young man is a cancer patient battling bowel cancer. He is 19 years old  and has been battling from too years now. Last week, Stephen Sutton was rushed to the hospital because one of his lungs collapsed. While battling cancer, he has been checking items off his bucket list and one was them was to raise money for a charity organization. He posted a picture of his last thumbs up and used it to get his message across. Now he has raised over £1M for Teenage Cancer Trust through a fund raising site called justgiving. Now he's funding raising as gotten larger as he has made a short film posted on YouTube and he is also working with make a wish foundation which has raised almost £4M. He still knows he might die anytime but he is still spreading positivity around. I'll be praying for you. You can also donate. Click here

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