Thursday, 24 April 2014

Today's series review

It seems like yesterday and today were days of surprises on the series end. A few of the series gave me quite the shock and much more things to hope for next week. Let's start with tuesday, The tomorrow people was quite the fantastic one. Roger is finally awake but trouble is around the corner in form of the founder. We got to see our saviour fight and trust me, he's good. Also, our favorite snitch a.k.a Steven's girlfriend went caboom wonder what would happen next week. Salem made quite the debut with our NIKITA favorite Michael as john and his girlfriend/town's lead witch in quite the bad situation, hopeful series but we need to see more to tell if we love it or not. Star crossed broke my heart if I have one, kidding. But it really did. Roman and Emery have broken up *sobs* and I'm angry cause it seem the trags got what they wanted but in the dramatic twist, Emery's ex has started another version of the red hawks. Warehouse 13 is another one, Claire is being obnoxious in my opinion but she got to see what happened to her parents and sister so yay. The mentalist, Jane is being Jane as usual and I love him for that as in doesn't everyone. Sadly for Lisbon, she won't be having her boyfriend. The good wife was great, Alicia is finally back as in what took her so long anyway. Once upon a time, that one I''ll dance about. The queen can be kissed I'm I the only one happy about that or what. Zelena wants our baby. She's such a b***h isn't she? Reign was another heartbreaker, just when I thought everything was ok between Mary and Francis, the mad king gets in the way with his stupid war but at least we have a glimpse of why Francis is going to die. Bash and his wife's sex scene was hotttttttttttttttttttt. The pepper king and greia are going to have the happiest life of all the four friends with the way the dude is with her. Arrow had such a death and it seems like everything is falling apart for Oliver and I so feel for him. If only I could just cuddle the pain away for him and hos gorgeous abs. In my dreams right. The 100 was another one, as in CW, why the hell are you injuring all my leading men? Finn is hurt and his former drop out of the  sky girlfriend found out about him and Clarke. The following  was awesssssooome, Joe is out of his mind, Emma is dead, Claire captured by the evil twins no less and worst of all, mike is currently kneeling in front of Joe waiting to be killed. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D spills everyone's secrets, Originals get more and more dangerous as Elijah discovers a threat in the bayou and Supernatural has awesomeness written all over it. In Game of thrones, we see the controversial sex scene between Jamie and his sister and we can clearly see our lovely kaleesi subduing yet another city with her wits. I sooooooo love that lady. let's not forget modern family with phil getting punched in the face by a kangaroo no less, i laughed so hard, i had to watch it again and luke loosing his bathing suit in the water while looking at a topless woman. talk about embarassing situations.

Like I said people, next week will be incredible. Please read and comment on my review.


  1. Nicely done Beedeme, great work you r doing on here. Keep it up girl!!!!!!!!!

  2. Martin says nice one B