Monday, 28 April 2014

Today's series review

I always love Mondays when it comes to series. I started off with the wonderful game of thrones, daenerys a.k.a mother of dragons has done it again, another town subdued. I asked myself this question today, WHY THE HELL ARE THEY LOOKING FOR JOFFERY'S KILLER? The guy was a jerk and I say good riddance also, in a not so shocking twist, his wife's family was responsible for his death. John snow is well on his way to leading the men of the watch and we found out how the wild ones are made not exactly but in a way.
Next I moved on to once upon a time, I feel they are stretching the true love thing a bit, I mean it's tied to everything including the new child. Henry now remembers who he is, believes in magic and found out about Regina's new bf in a weird way. The new curse is broken, snow and charming casted it who could have believed that. Hook was treated wrongly in my opinion what did Emma expect him to do? We found out that Neil sent the portion to hook so he can bring Emma back to storybrooke. Yay for Neil.
Next I moved to the good wife, Sweeney is such an a**hole and now he's found the perfect murdering partner, his new fiancee and they made Alicia an accessory to murder. Finn is running for the state's attorney's office to keep his job and it seems like Peter is backing him just to get his wife back.
Then the mentalist, I think Jane likes Lisbon because when she told him she might move to D.C., he seemed broken and out of breath. I think he loves her.
Believe was a whirlwind as usual, Bo keeps frustrating Tate and channing has been caught while trying to escape after placing a chip in the machine that tracks telekenetic ability so it wouldn't have the ability to track Bo. Bo and Tate stole a horse to help a man with money troubles, I soooo admire her and I would really love her powers too. Honestly, I was skeptical about this show but now, I look forward to every Monday.
Salem is picking up but I think I still prefer sleepy hollow to it in the horror section but since it's just beginning, I should at least give it a chance.
Continuum is another series I love but I'm getting tired of the 2 Alex Sadler thing. And is the one from the future not supposed to be the evil one?

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