Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Today's series review

All I can say is WOW. I just love today's line-up, The tomorrow people was my favorite, John with no powers but a whole lot of courage, the tomorrow people are just a bunch of scared jellies, how could they turn in Roger but I can't really blame them, it was a game of survival of the fittest. Isn't Steven's mother badass with all the telekinetic fighting skills. And the most important improvement, Drumroll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Jed is a tomorrow person. I'm doing my evil grin right now. I hope he'll save the day at the season finale next week. I can't wait for that.
The Following will not stop amazing and wowing me. Joe and Ryan working together, talk about unlikely partnerships. So, the boy everyone tried to keep alive still died anyway awwwwwwww, Max and Mike had some action after the successful killing of one of the evil twins. A mysterious saviour rescued the surviving twin with his dead brother's body, I can sense a season 3 coming, can u? Claire finally said goodbye to Ryan, I mean your time is over, it's the reporter's turn now. And the most shocking thing, Ryan had a chance to kill Joe but he didn't, I guess they really do have a connection.
Star crossed is getting more serious, emery is a red hawk, I mean what the F even though they are the new and improved version, why would she still join them so soon. The suvek is still intact even with all the bombing meaning the human race is still in danger. What is with CW and the extinction of the human race? Taylor is pregnant with an atrian baby and apparently their women's tears glows when they are pregnant, that's sooo creepy but cute. Castor is working with the little miss b***h as I call her and she's such a gullible girl.
Warehouse 13 was a Pete show as usual, I love his man that never grew up persona I.e he is a big kid. Claudia got her sister back even if it is for a day and they look really good together only that it had to end in tragedy because her sister had to take back the energy from the now angry mika. Artie cried after them putting Claire back in coma.
Ryan and Esposito in castle are just the kind of friends I would want. It was fun watching them bicker about who should be castle's best man when none of them even got the honor. Castle and Beckett warring over scrabble but with a nice ending called strip poker.

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