Friday, 25 April 2014

Today's series review

I will be kicking off this edition with the fan's favourite we all know and love.
Apparently, Damon's gift of killing people that matter to people he cares about will not stop giving since he's responsible for yet another death a.k.a  the killing of Enzo/his best-friend since Alaric's girlfriend causing enzo to turn off his humanity switch and he is hellbent on killing everyone for revenge. Making my sweetheart Stefan to kill him by ripping out his heart. But people, we have another villain in town and guess what, he's a ghost. The bitchy travellers have finally found a way to break their curse and they will need blood and guess who's. I'm so not cool with this plec. Bonney might die again as in why?
Grey's anatomy.
The Harper/Avery foundation are just a bunch of political douches. I mean Christina got the votes, she did her job and because they co-own the hospital, you do not give her the award. Meredith and Derek have a day to themselves thanks to Derek's sister who later decided family is just too much work for her. Alex is leaving GSM for greener pastures. April is pregnant, can the baby have the worst timing in the world?
The big bang theory.Sheldon is still frustrated with the decision of what to do since he's dropped string theory. Penny took Sheldon to a psychic as in of all people to take. He criticized the woman and used the M word on the woman and ended up storming out of the place. Amy dressed up as a catholic school girl to appease Sheldon of lying to him and as usual, Sheldon doesn't get it.
Two and a half menWalden becomes Alan's whore as Alan began collecting money for women to sleep with Walden without Walden knowing. Alan, the pimp and business man.
Joan has been kidnapped. I think mycroft is planning to use his brother for something but he can't have that with Joan by Sherlock's side so he asked her out knowing it might drive a wedge between them.

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