Friday, 16 May 2014

Last Night's series recap from E! Online

Tonight, we cried. We cheered. We went "ugh!" Basically, we watched the season finale ofThe Vampire Diaries. You're lucky we can even form sentences, due to the fact that it crushed our hearts and souls. We lost two characters who had been there since the beginning, and while another beloved character was returned to us, we're still very upset. And that wasn't even the only thing on tonight, as ReignThe Big Bang TheoryElementary, and more also closed out their seasons with some pretty crazy episodes. So welcome to our Thursday TV support group. We're here for you, as long as you return the favor. 
The Vampire Diaries: The travelers' remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers was in full swing, along with their plan to ruin everything. Of course, our heroes had a plan involving an explosion and a spell (courtesy of Silas, so ugh) to bring everyone back from the Other Side through Bonnie. Sheriff Forbes got Markos to gather the travelers together in Mystic Grill, which Damon and Elena then drove a car through, triggering a giant explosion and "killing" all the travelers. Elena, Alaric (!!), (non-vampire) Tyler, and Luke all made it back while Liv struggled to recite the spell.
Damon did make it back to Bonnie, but it was too late. Luke had forced Liv to stop the spell to keep it from killing her. Damon was stuck on the Other Side, which was quickly disintegrating. Damon said a heartbreaking goodbye to a sobbing Elena while Jeremy raced to get to Bonnie before it was too late, but he failed. She disappeared, and together, she and Damon put aside their differences and faced death hand in hand.    
Biggest squeal of the night: When Lexi showed up to be the best friend Stefan could have ever dreamed of, as always. 

The Big Bang Theory: It was time for Leonard and Penny to announce their engagement, and it went about as well as could be expected, especially when it came to discussing the living arrangements. Sheldon was not thrilled about Penny potentially moving in with him and Leonard, and would not even consider moving out so that Leonard and Penny could live together alone. Oh and for all those Shamy fans out there, we have sad news: Sheldon turned down Amy's proposal to live with her faster than you can say, "Strawberry Quick!" To make matters even worse, the comic book burned down! So, much to Amy's dismay, Sheldon left town. As to where he went, we'll have to wait to find out, but we think it's safe to say he won't be gone for long. But none of that compares to the biggest news of the episode: After a loooong dry spell, Raj had sex with Emily! And despite what they say, it was not like riding a bike. 
Elementary: The partnership of Sherlock and Watson might be coming to an end. Knowing how television works, it probably isn't, but things certainly didn't look good tonight when Joan was calling about finding another place to live by herself, and Sherlock was accepting a job with MI6. They also had to say goodbye to Mycroft, who, along with the NSA, arranged to elaborately fake his own death in order to escape the people who had attempted to frame him and were now targeting him and threatening Sherlock and Joan, neither of whom were happy about the outcome. We're not so thrilled about this outcome either. Here's hoping season 3 brings some peace back to 221B. 
Reign: RIP Henry, you crazy dude. After the king basically went nuts all over French court, it was his own son, Francis, who did him in during a jousting match. While we're not all that sad to see him go, his death has made the lives of Mary and Francis way more complicated, since Francis is now the king. Things got even more complicated when Mary told her husband that Lola was in labor in the village, and the baby was his. Of course, the noble Francis had to ride off to be with her, but the timing turned out to be pretty darn bad, since Bash had killed the Darkness and brought the plague to France. Despite this, Francis was determined to get to Lola. As he rode off, Mary ordered that the gate be closed behind him, sealing off the castle from the disease looming outside. 
Grey's Anatomy: That was a rough one as we were forced to say goodbye to Cristina, and more importantly, as Meredith was forced to say goodbye to Cristina. 

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