Monday, 12 May 2014

Last Night's Series Review From E! Online

Game of Thrones
From E! Online
Game of Thrones: So who else got super nervous about Tyrion's trial tonight? While we were waiting for Tywin to go back on his somewhat ominous word that his son could be banished to the Night's Watch, we definitely weren't expecting Shae to come in and straight up lie, prompting Tyrion to basically issue a giant "F you" to all of King's Landing and demand a trial by combat. We guess, as fairly doomed trials go, this could have been much worse, but we're still very worried. (Sidenote: Tyrion's big courtroom speech = Peter Dinklage's Emmy speech. No ceremony needed.)
Meanwhile, half way across the world, Daenerys came face to face with some of her new people and the fact that being a just ruler has some consequences. While you can pay off the man whose goats were destroyed by your dragons, a man demanding proper burial for the father you crucified can't really be pacified by money. Plus, Tywin Lannister knows what Dany's up to, and he's not about to let her get away with it.

There was almost some good news for Theon tonight when Yara attempted to come to his rescue, but it soon became clear that he's too far gone. He's Reek now, though, as Ramsay explained while he tenderly bathed his hostage's back, he's going to have to pretend to be Theon just once more. (Could this storyline get any more ugh-inducing?)
Revenge WHAT? HUH? And also, WE CALLED IT! That was so crazy that we just had to talk to showrunner Sunil Nayar about all of the deaths, resurrections, and insane plot twists that went down in tonight's season finale. 
Mad Men: At the start of every TV season, we always like to sit and make a list of all the things we'd like to see happen on our favorite shows. Threesomes always top the list of course, and Mad Men certainly delivered on that tonight (Thanks, Don, Megan, and Amy!), but one other item always leaves us disappointed – until now. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we were beginning to think we would never see a man cut off his nipple and present it to his lady friend, but we're delighted to announce that we were wrong, because that's exactly what Michael did in tonight's episode. It's just unfortunate that Peggy didn't know what to do with such a gift, and called him an ambulance as thanks. We just…what? In other completely obvious news, Sally Draper continues to be this show's greatest character. We bow at her feet.
The Mentalist Bad news, Jisbon fans: Lisbon is accepting the job in D.C., and considering Pike's marriage proposal, which is most certainly not a good sign for Patrick. However, all know how TV works, and how pre-finale episodes work, so we're not going to get too broken up about it just yet. 
Once Upon a Time: It was the fairy tale version of Back to the Future Emma and Hook raced through the past to make sure her parents still fell in love. Plus, what recent Disney movie queen is likely going to be wreaking some havoc in season four? Read our recap here to find out! 
The Good WifeThis episode was all about setting up next week's finale as Eli finally learned the truth about Alicia and Peter's new arrangement, which will finally be put to the test as Peter seriously got his flirt on with a new intern, one who just so happened to close the episode asking if he needed anything else. Hmm…will Peter give into temptation? Meanwhile, at LG, Diane continued to be forced out by Louis Canning and David Lee, who were sabotaging her meetings. But it looks like our well-brooched one is finally going to fight back in a major way in the finale. (Cue: dramatic lasagna! Hey, it was in the promo!)

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