Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Once upon a time bosses answer questions posed by Finale READ HERE

THE EW sat down with Once upon a Time bosses to clear the air about obvious questions posed by the quite enchanting finale
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Take me through the decision to add Elsa to Once.
Eddy Kitsis: We saw the movie, and collectively, the whole entire writers’ room just loved it. It was our favorite film. What we loved so much about Elsa was she was perceived to be a villain, but of course we understood she was misunderstood. And the only one who understood that was her sister. That was a very thematic thing for us, which is a misunderstood character who everyone perceives to be bad.

Evil isn’t born, it’s made — that sort of thing?
Kitsis: Yeah. And we literally just said “there’s a toy on the shelf that we want to play with, and we want to play with it now.” In the buzz of last night or whatever, there was lots of “oh, they’re cashing in.” In fact, I think what the audience really needs to understand is how hard it is to take beloved Disney characters and put them into our show. And it is based on our passion, not on a corporate synergy project.
Adam Horowitz: Yeah, you know, it’s funny; we watched that movie, we fell in love with it, we fell in love with the characters. And then an idea started to take hold, and it grew and grew and grew until we pitched it. And we were really fortunate to be told we could take a crack at it.
Does Elsa’s appearance mean other Frozen characters are on the horizon?
Horowitz: Yeah — we’d be disappointed if Elsa was the only one we saw, but we’re not quite ready yet to tell you who else we may encounter.

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