Monday, 12 May 2014

Rosemary's baby and Penny Dreadful's review

Rosemary's Baby, Penny Dreadful
Rosemary's Baby is a four-part miniseries on NBC, starring Zoe Saldana as the titular Rosemary. It might have taken the original setting of 1960s Manhattan and moved it to contemporary Paris, but the story doesn't change much: a young couple becomes pregnant and soon starts to believe that their baby is no ordinary baby, but is instead the spawn of Satan (or something to that effect).

Penny Dreadful, which airs on Showtime and stars Josh Hartnett and Eva Green, takes some of the classic stars of horror literature, like Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, and weaves together their origin stories in a Victorian London setting, and adds a lot of sex and gore thanks to the fact that it's on cable. 

So what did you guys think? Are these new takes on horror classics scary good, or horrifically bad? Are you more inclined to tune into one or the other? Vote in our poll, then take to the comments to tell us how you feel about Josh Hartnett's facial hair, because we are undecided.

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