Monday, 26 May 2014

Spoiler Chat on The Good Wife, Sleepy Hollow and other TV Shows from E! Online

Simone: Is Zach off The Good Wife for good? He went away to college so quickly!
It's safe to say you haven't seen the last of Graham Phillips' Zach Florrick on The Good Wife. While we still don't know whether he'll return as a series regular, The Good Wife co-creator Robert King told us the show still plans to feature the Florrick children. Woohoo!

Stacy: Sleepy Hollow needs to come back already! Got any spoilers on season two to share to hold me over until its return?
While he couldn't say much, Tom Mison said fans could expect "more flashbacks, exploring the core of the characters and expanding the world of Sleepy Hollow. There will be new characters coming in exposing new problems."  Nicole Beharie added that there will be more love triangles "times five!"
Laura: I'll take any scoop you've got on New Girl's next season!
Grab some boxes because someone may be on the move! "I think that would be smart, I hope some does," Zooey Deschanel said of one of the roomies moving out of the loft next season. "I think it would make sense. They did that on Friends…then you can have two different areas." Two roommates staying put? "I know they are putting Nick and Schmidt in bunk beds," Jake Johnson revealed, adding he's excited to see the duo "relive the college days."
Dani: I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am for The Comeback to come back. Spill those spoilers!
Hello, hello, hello! We're excited too, so to celebrate, we've got a little Valerie update for you. Could you ever imagine Val grabbing dinner at a place called Burger Shack? Neither can we, baby girl—but she does it! We're not going to tell you how she enjoys her experience, but we can say that this is one dinner date that you definitely do not want to miss.
Olivia: Okay I'm freaking out! I already watched the series premiere of Girl Meets World and it's the cutest thing. Got any scoop on any more Boy Meets Worldconnections?
We saw the pilot too! Isn't it just a-freakin'-dorable?! We were particularly taken with Farkle, Riley's know-it-all classmate, because he reminded us so much of Lee Norris' Minkus from Boy Meets World. Wanna know a secret that we've had to keep hush-hush for a longtime? Mikus is Farkle's father! Get ready, Girl Meets World fans because later this season we're going to see a truly hilarious scene with Minkus, Farkle and Shawn Hunter. Needless to say, Shawn is absolutely baffled to see how alike Minkus and Farkle are. The term "mini-me" will mostly definitely be tossed out there.
Gina: You guys got me all excited with your Graceland scoop from Aaron Tveit. Tell me more, tell me more! Please?
Only because you said please! We recently caught up with the lovely Serina Swan and discovered that the actress actually had a hand in shaping one of the stories for this season. "I actually pitched an idea to the creator and writers this year to deal with human trafficking and sex trafficking because it's such a huge problem and the DEA actually deals with it a lot," Swan told us last week at the NBCUniversal Cable Upfronts. "I pitched it last year and they took it, and we actually do a whole storyline on human trafficking, which is obviously very prevalent as we look at Nigeria right now. To be able to have the duality of entertainment and also information and be able to affect through a storyline maybe piquing somebody's interest or something like that, that's what I'm excited for people to see."
McKayla: I can't wait to be trapped Under the Dome again this summer. What's going to happen?
Alright, we can tell that you're a true fan of this highly addicting sci-fi drama, so we're going to tell it to you straight: There are definitely two major deaths in the beginning of season two. Crazy, right?! As if that wasn't shocking enough, we're hearing another major one is coming by the end of the season. One hint on one of the earlier sendoffs? It's one of the series' younger stars. (Anyone else secretly hoping it's going to be Junior?)
Craig: Summer means all my favorite Syfy shows start to roll out new episodes. Forget going to the beach, give me some Defiance spoilers ASAP.
 you say? Well, Jaime Murray was pretty tight-lipped when we tracked her down, but she did give us a good tease. "The first season we were introducing the audience to this fantastical, weird and wonderful world. We didn't really know how far we could take it without losing them, so we tried to kind of ground it in this gritty reality and that is the style and tone of the show," she told us. "If you thought the first season was weird, the second season gets a whole lot weirder. I think that all the major characters had massive cliffhangers at the end of last season. Whatever position they were in at the end of last season, their world has pretty much been turned upside down." Translation? Expect lots of conflict.

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