Monday, 26 May 2014

X-Men: Days of Future past review by Ayoola Omobola

When I read the first review about this movie, I was captivated right away but still kind of pessimistic about the movie because we''ve had lots of movies whereby the hype is much more than the movie is but I can say with all certainty, I was proved wrong. I found out that my worry was for nothing. The movie had it all except for a few shortcomings, The movie made my day. I saw the movie with my favorite movie companion, my sister who enjoyed it as much as I did.
For the movie review proper, The beginning was a bit confusing especially for someone who hasn't been following the franchise. But it all turned around a few scenes later where they explained everything. I am sure I'm not alone in this when I say the sentinels were badass, I mean if you want a villainous machine, it would be them.
The story picks up around the time when wolverine was sent back to the past so he can change the future for them all. The whole story centers mainly around the growth of a depressed Charles Xavier and Mystic, everyone else was just along for the ride but it was a really good ride. They were all needed and were all worth it. Especially Quicksilver, this character brought charm to the movie, he is a character that won't be forgotten and I'm really disappointed that we didn't see more of him. He was funny, charming and annoying, I would liken him to The flash in justice league mostly because they have the same ability and almost the same character. Magneto is an awesome villian and he also makes a badass good guy too. There was a particular scene in the movie where they showed both the Magneto in the past and in the future together and they were doing what they do best. One jacking a baseball stadium and a couple of sentinels and the other blowing up the jet with storm killing so many sentinels. Without given much up about the movie, I can say, if you think X-men: first class was good, think again because this one is better. They could have done more though probably with more mutants in the movie but like I said it was more like Charles Xavier's journey which makes up for the lack of more mutants. I'm really impressed with the director's viewpoint and I hope he directs apocalypse too. I would like to see him improve on this.

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