Monday, 16 June 2014

Arrow Season 3 Character Run-down and Season's Plot.

As CW fan's favorite ARROW spin-off (THE FLASH) is in the horizon, we should not forget that our original show Arrow is moving on with another season. Last season, we saw the death of a main character and the departure of others. We are happy to inform you that Arrow is bringing us 4 new interesting characters. 2 from Oliver's flashbacks and 2 in his present reality.

Here is the run-down on the new characters:
Daniel : Daniel will be a major recurring character in Arrow Season 3. He is described as 'handsome, enigmatic and highly intelligent'. Its speculated that his name may be fake to throw off spoiler hounds. Daniel is an entrepreneur responsible for developing an unknown piece of groundbreaking technology. He is charming and confident in public, but harbors a secret tragic past that will eventually drive him to become a tech-powered superhero. He is being set up as a love interest for Felicity and a rival for Oliver Queen.
Seth : Seth is a criminal who dabbles in chemistry. He is well educated, and harbors grand ambitions. A possible recurring character, he is able to get at his enemies with a new drug that drains a person's willpower. He is being set up as a physical rival for Arrow, and isn't a very pleasant guy.
Toshi :Toshi is the first of two characters that will feature in Oliver's latest stretch of flashbacks. He will be a recurring character that features into the Hong Kong plotline of the series. He is Queen's teacher and handler, and eventually the two become close friends. Skilled in weaponry and combat, Toshi is a well-trained operative who excels at intelligence gathering. He is also a devoted family man.
Akiko : Highly trained in Martial Arts, Akiko is Toshi's wife and mother to his children. She will also be a personal friend of Oliver Queen and feature in the Hong Kong flashbacks as a recurring character. 

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