Wednesday, 11 June 2014

"Avengers 2" Opening Act Revealed? Careful, Spoiler alert

It seems like Marvel is on a roll with their Guardians of the Galaxy promotion going on, the Antman's director issue, Doctor Strange and so on. Its hard to remember that Avengers 2 rolls into the Theaters in May, 2015.  So its great that we can at least speculate or get information on the upcoming Marvel's potential smash hit.
Latino Review is once again the source of this supposed Marvel movie scoop - and there’s quite a bit of it. Here’s the summary of the what the site posted about the opening act and some general info related to Avengers: Age of Ultron:
  1. Up front it’s said that Scarlett Johansson’s pregnancy has inspired some rewrites, so elements of the film could be in flux, and therefore change from what is being reported today.
  2. The film will be Marvel’s biggest of all time (no surprise), with a runtime of over two hours.
  3. The opening sequence is described as being an Avengers team assault on Baron von Strucker’s HYDRA lair from the Captain America: The Winter Soldier mid-credits scene. The Baron has Loki’s staff, and Chitauri weaponry including a dead Leviathan. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch attack, and the Witch mind-hexes Hulk, who subsequently smashes.
  4. The more experienced Avengers team eventually wins, and celebrates victory with a party in Stark Tower, where they play some superhero-style party games, and it’s revealed that there’s a Widow and Bruce Banner romance brewing (with obvious Hulk problems in the way). Meanwhile, the Thor/Jane romance is apparently done.
That opening battle sequence sounds pretty sweet, and is admittedly something we’ve heard described before. Don’t be shocked if the report is accurate. Seeing a more experienced Avengers team working together to takedown actual supervillains sounds like an even better evolution of watching a more experienced Captain America take on an actual supervillain in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The party scene is one that I’ve personally gone on #SRUnderground podcast record as saying I’ve wanted to see. Mark Millar’s Ultimates was a small example of how an Avengers party is both a fun and intriguing thing to see.
As for the romances? Well… Natalie Portman told us in person that she didn’t have any plans to be included in Avengers 2 - and her presence in the franchise has been turbulent ever since Marvel parted ways with original Thor 2 director Patty Jenkins. Portman is contracted for multiple films like so many in the Marvel camp – but the current details of their relationship are currently unknown. For all we know, Jane Foster could be on her way out – and  most fans would probably be okay with that. Thor 3 still has that Lady Sif character waiting in the wings of Asgard…

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