Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Batman vs Superman Updates and a possible Flash Cameo

Last week, there was a report about a HUGE statue being built at the studio's location in Detroit. At the time, we did not know what the statue's role is in the movie but yesterday, it was revealed that the statue's purpose is as a monument to superman in respect of him saving Metropolis during the battle in Man of Steel. The scene takes place two years after the event with the Mayor of Metropolis presenting the statue to the public with children in Superman T-shirts pulling the tarp and them releasing real-life doves in the presence of reporters which would be the Metropolis and Gotham City Press. 
There is also rumors about a Flash cameo which would explain the fact that the studio is looking for a convenience store for a robbery scene where the CCTV footage will catch a "flash of wind". But Warner Bros hasn't confirmed this or even confirmed whether the cameo would be brief or if he would be showing in other scenes too.
Also, a twitter user @walstadm captured pictures from the set showing clearer captions of the Lexcorp logo and of the Gotham City Press van and the Metropolis Press Van.
 Although we have seen the pictures from the superman statue and it is incomplete, it was reported that the scene was shot like that and the remaining parts of the statue will be added post- production. Also, it has been reported that the Batmobile's doors will "open up like wings" even though we are not sure if it will eventually transform into an aerial vehicle also known as the Batwing.

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