Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Dracula Untold Poster and Back story

Dracula: Untold set to be released in October, 2014 is starred by Luke Evans. The movie is one of those movies you are not quite sure would make a big blockbuster hit but think it might just make it. The movie is set to show Prince Vlad in a more sympathetic light but it also stays true to the original Dracula story but with a slight twist on how he got to be who he is. He is seen has being heavily motivated by revenge and bloodlust just like the Dracula potrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the TV show Dracula but unlike this Dracula, Luke Evans's portrayal will be based on him trying to protect his loved ones by selling his soul to supernatural forces. 
I hope they tell the story properly this time.  

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