Monday, 23 June 2014

Wonder Woman's costume details revealed; Batman vs Superman

There has been much speculation about what Diana Prince's costume will look like for the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie. Also, fans have wondered in what capacity this hero will be affecting the movie's plot and it appears that Warner bros has finally decided to open up about the issue.

Her look
While fans have been led to believe that she will be dawning a pre-New 52 era jacket and blue leggings, Warner bros has revealed that she will be more traditional i.e will be more dressed like an Amazon Warrior Princess not like Xena but pretty close. They also said the outfit will be more iconic and pulled directly from the comic. It is described as 'sleek', 'traditional' and 'battle-ready'. She is said to be wearing a blue leather skirt, silver-armored cuffs to reach her elbows, a golden tiara with a design at the center of it and a red top.
She said to be carrying a total of four weapons which will include a spear, a lasso, a sword and a shield to be worn on her back.
As for her role in the movie, she will be appearing through out the length of the movie and is also involved in a fight scene including Batman,Superman and an unknown villain who works for Lex Luthor.
She was majorly brought into existence to show the world that there are other superheroes apart from Superman. Her back story in the movie will be very vague.

Batman and Batcave
Batman is said to have a new take on things, he is the kind of vigilante that will do anything to get the job done which will cause him to have clashes with Superman has he is more of a rule follower. He is said to be living in a small cottage which houses underneath it the more elaborate batcave and other batgears.

Lex Luthor and his motivations
Lex Luthor is said to have a shoulder length red hair like he had in the earlier version of the comic book. He is said to believe that he is God's gift to humanity who now realizes that there is a true god that lives among the people which causes him to hate superman and motivates him to sway people to his side by defaming superman and instilling fear in the people by telling the superman is a threat to humanity and that people should not worship the alien. Some people will believe Lex and sway to his side while others will side with superman causes them to build a statue in his honor.

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