Thursday, 17 July 2014

A possibility of an "X-Men/Justice League" movie coming soon?

As Fox is planning on acquiring Time Warner by putting in a massive bid of $80 billion which was rejected by the conglomerate by the way, talks of a possibility of an X-Men/Justice League crossover has begun. The merging of these two conglomerates will be putting the DC comics movies and Marvel's comics under the same umbrella.

It seems like Fox is still not backing down even though they've been rejected by the conglomerate which puts to test the contradiction of the two superhero teams. 

Flash/Quicksilver show-down: If The Flash and quicksilver were to actually battle it out, as a devoted fan, who do you think will win?

Martian "Manhunter"/ Professor X: What do you think?

Plastic Man/ Mr Fantastic: What do you think?

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