Thursday, 3 July 2014

Arrow: Updates on Arrow's new cast members

As San-Diego Comic Con approaches and the two CW superhero movies premiere dates approaches, we have started to hear news about the upcoming series. Although we've heard a lot about The Flash, there has been very little news about Arrow but as of today, there is news about the two new additions to the series. Maseo and Tatsu, the two new additions will be Oliver's mentors in Hong-Kong.
Arrow Season 3 Casting Devon Aoki Karl Yune Arrow Season 3 Adds Katana; Meet Flashs New Frienemy

Deadline reported that Devon Aoki(Sin City) has been casted for the role of Tatsu Yamashiro and Karl Rune(Real Steel) has been casted for the role of Maseo Yamashiro. Maseo is to be Oliver's handler in Hong-Kong and later a friend and mentor. It is said the Tatsu is an expert in the Katana sword techniques and if fans of the comics can recollect that it is possible that Tatsu is the heroine known as Katana.

I hope this people will add the much needed fighting techniques Oliver has shown us so far.

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