Thursday, 24 July 2014

Entertainment Weekly gives us the first look at Roy Harper as Arsenal

As The CW's Arrow is still the reigning champion among DC comic's TV shows, It is only natural that their panel is one of the most anticipated panels for the San Diego Comic Con. The EW just released a poster picture of the Arrow's popular sidekick Roy Harper in his full Arsenal costume.

Fans have been waiting for Roy Harper to metamorphose into Arsenal since season 1 and i mean me too. Roy Harper was introduced to the show as a disturbed kid with an hero complex who eventually got straightened out by his idol(Arrow). Last season, he overcame the Mirakuru which gave his super-human powers but also gave him rage beyond believe just like it gave Slade Wilson.

To me, his costume looks a lot like the Arrow's but with a little Roy to it. What do you think of the costume

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