Monday, 21 July 2014

Supernatural Producers talk about the 200th episode and the possibility of a finale

I keep finding more stories that I have missed over the time i was temporarily out of commission. Supernatural is one of the best shows ever and i really love it. The show is going to be airing its 10th season this fall which is going to include the 200th episode of the show.

Below are few updates on the show and what to expect in the upcoming season and the possibility of an end to the show.


The showrunner, Jeremy Carver made the announcement that the 200th episode will come in form of a musical although he also added that not the whole episode will be a musical but he stated that the theme song including part of the show will be. He was mum about whether the show's major casts will be featuring in the musical but here is to having our fingers crossed.


At the end of Season 9, Dean died but as a result of the Mark of Cain that he possessed, he came back as a demon and a Knight of Hell no less. Dean being a demon was the shock show creator Eric Kripke dropped on fans of the show and it was said that next season's first few episodes will be based on Sam looking for Dean because apparently, he took off with Crowley. Also, Cass will be desperately trying to rectify the damage that Metatron wrecked and it seems like it will be hard since he's stolen grace is diminishing.


One of the twists fans were looking forward to last season was the possibility of a spin-off and apparently so were the producers but Bloodlines did not live up to expectations and this prompted for the cancellation of the show before it ever took off. But this has not crushed the producer's dream to create a spin-off of the much liked show.


Finally, the possibility of an end to the show, die hard fans like me will never want the show to end but all good things have to come to an end at some point but hopefully not next season. Although Jeremy Carver didn't say exactly when the show will be ending, he did mention that Eric Kripke had worked out the finale plan after the 5th season but it has now changed due to the continued running of the show. He also stated that the show still had to many angles to run and they will be waiting on the writers to tell when to stop.

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