Thursday, 14 August 2014

Half of a Yellow Sun Review By Me

My family and friends will tell you i am not a Nigerian movie fan but i like to be proved wrong once in a while and this is definitely one of those times. 
Let me say this about the director of the movie BIYI BAMIDELE,  I don't know who you are, but well done dude and i really mean it.

STORY: Half of a Yellow Sun is based on a book written by notable Nigerian author CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE. She has been known through out the world to write books that touch your very soul and this is definitely not an exception. 
The story is strong and touching filled with virtues and lessons and most importantly, the power of hope. The story depicts a time much like now for Nigeria when almost all hope was lost for the unity of the nation. The story shows how a family regardless of their flaws and mistakes can be your strongest support system when all hope is lost.

The general appearance of the movie including the picture, the directing and the acting were all great even though most of the Nigerian A-list artists only had cameo appearances.I was so proud of the fact that they got the costumes and the setting right so as much that they even brought in *old plates and boxes* Nigerians will do well to notice those plates especially the younger generation since those plates and boxes don't exist anymore. *trust me i've looked* 

CHARACTERS: Chiwetel Ejiofor, i don't know what to say about you dude, I love the fact that you ditched the British accent for the Nigerian Igbo accent which we all know was hard and i commend you for that. He's acting was exceptional and not in the least bit shoddy. I also loved the Ojukwu beard he had on towards the end of the movie and his ability to project the emotions of the character to the audience.

Thandie Newton was great too. Even though she is not a Nigerian, she could have fooled anyone with her portrayal of how much her character loved her country and the people around her. She gave a wonderful portrayal of Olanna who is not a very strong woman but tried her very best to give her best to everything. The definition of the Woman who wanted it all.

Anika Noni Rose was as usual classy in her act. Her character was the definition of the typical independent business woman who believed in the power of profit. The character who might seem like a cruel person is also kind-hearted and soft by nature. A Snow Queen so to speak.

Credits: The movie had lots of credits but i will just mention the few i can.

1. The Airport Scene- The Scene depicted the cruelty and the merciless way the Igbos were treated.

2. The First Meeting between Olanna and Okadigbo's mother- The Scene showed what most Nigerian women go through especially the working women at the hands of their mother-in-laws.

3. The Wedding Scene - The perfect harmony of happiness and terror.

Verdict: The movie might not win an Oscar or any award of note, But I will like to say this to the Nigerian Censor Board. Let Nigerians watch this movie and see where they are coming from and where they might be headed.

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