Tuesday, 9 September 2014

9 Awesome Renewed Fall shows I can't wait to watch

Welcome to the Fall season people and this is my favorite time of the year. New shows, Old shows and various movies to look forward to, I get the chills just thinking about it. I realized today as I was compiling my list that I am a show monster, I watch way to many shows and I don't thinking I'm backing down anytime soon. It's so much fun waiting for something every week and hoping they don't disappoint me making sure I have something to look forward to every day of every week except those weeks they go on breaks *I hate those weeks*. Below are 10 of the old shows I can't wait to watch and their trailers. 

Reign (Season 2) Oct 2 The CW

This show is one of my most anticipated shows of the Fall. I really want to find out what will happen to Francis's baby and I want to see the darker side of Mary because I believe our darling sweet Mary is sure to turn cold and she will probably end up ruling even if it is for a short time, most of France. During Comic-con, it was revealed that Bash and Francis's relationship will improve as it is now clear that Mary will not be having anymore romantic relationship with Bash and I also think as the trailer has revealed, there will be more in store for Mary and Queen Catherine as they will try to stabilize France in the wake of both the Black death and King Henry's death. There is a lot to look forward to this season and I sure can't wait for it to start.

The Originals (Season 2) Oct 6 The CW
Let me begin by saying, I loveeeeeeeeeeee this show. I was getting rather tired of Vampire Diaries and I'm sorry to say this but can you please get a better view or change the perspective of that show it's getting repetitive and that gets boring overtime but with this show, there is always something around the corner. A big Bad so to speak and this time, it's in form of their parents and yes both of them are back from the land of the dead. Esther in a different body and Micheal as his same old self. I really think this show will go places but it might also fall in the same pit Vampire Diaries as fallen and that is the repetition pit. Hayley's new character is interesting but that lady really doesn't have a place in the show and they might be overdoing it a bit with her. I just hope they widen her scope a bit so has to make her a relevant character or they should just kill the character.


Scandal (Season 4) Sept 25 ABC

I'm not so sure but I think I secretly have a shrine where I worship this lady. Her character Olivia Pope is an inspiration to most women I don't mean the dating a married guy part but her strength and her mental acumen is amazing to say the list. This show has more twists than you can imagine and to top it up, Olivia's father is just the kind of villain you expect a government man to be and much more. I think papa Pope has earned his keep on this show and has shown the public that he can do more. No shocker though, Harrison is dead, Olivia has taken off with Jake and the President is calling Olivia but no answer. What will become of OPA now that its founder and backbone has gone AWOL. Shonda Rhimes, you are the best.

Sleepy Hollow (Season 2) Sept 22 The CW

I'm not an horror movie fan but I love this one a lot especially Ichabod's accent and the storyline twist is very lovely and there are some creepy things in this series but I can take it *I think*. Ichabod will be getting out of his grave and Abby will be getting out of purgatory. As the old sheriff is gone, they will be getting a new one which will make their mission a little bit complicated. But not to worry, they will be getting a few new allies. This show is very much one of the best shows of last year and I think they will be taking it home this year too at least for me.

Supernatural (Season 10) Oct 7 The CW 

I have been following this show for the past 10 years and it's weird that I'm not a little bit tired of it. I love the bromance between Dean and Sam and the occasional addition of my beloved Castiel who seems to be loosing his angel mojo as Dean calls it. Apparently Dean is going so psycho with his new knight of hell powers that he is freaking out even Crowley. Sam and Castiel will spend most of their time trying to help our beloved Dean overcome his inner demon. I will really love to see Dean lose it at lease Sam has had his own crazy guy routine and I think it is Dean's turn. What do you think?

Once Upon a Time (Season 4) Sept 28 ABC

This show will be seeing not only Elsa but other Frozen characters who have captured our imaginations in the highly accomplished animation. The show will also see Emma having a stable relationship for once in her life, Henry entering the family business with Rumpelstiltskin whose secret will probably come out and Regina doing everything in her power to right her now tumultuous love-life which is being threatened by the arrival of Marian.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Season 2) Sept 23

Although this show began last season boring, it ended with a bang and left viewers asking some very interesting questions which will likely be addressed this season. As it turns out, starting a secret organization will not be easy for Director Coulson and yes believe it, it's Director now. He will be meeting with old threats with new names and will be needing help from ex-agents and assassins and yeah you read that right. This is going to be a very eventful season I hope.

Modern Family (Season 4) Sept 24

This will be a season of growth for the family and I mean all of them. Alex will be looking for colleges and most importantly in the east coast which will be uncomfortable for the parents. Manny will finally get a real girlfriend which will make Luke start reflecting on his own life. New Neighbours will be moving near the Dunphys which will cause them to start a competitive streak with them. It will be a lovely season I believe.

NCIS (Season 12)

Been following this show for as long as possible, I so love Gibbs. The man is so tough and I hear our Tony will be getting a new love interest and this season will be all about the team and we will be meeting Bishop's mystery husband and it seems we will be having a new villain and as always, they are always very destructive and always have a grudge that can level a town and I mean it literarily.

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