Thursday, 4 September 2014

'Arrow' Season 3 Premiere Pictures with Arsenal and other casts

These guys can be clad in clothes made from rags and they will still look good to me but i love them in this costume. In a little more than a month, Season 3 of this very interesting tv show will storm our scenes with their Series Premiere "The Calm" and The CW has decided to show us a couple of pictures featuring the casts of the series and trust me, the pictures don't say much but they sure got me curious about what the episode will look like.

"The Calm", what do you think about that? sounds like a storm is coming to town to me. This show which is currently Tv's best super-hero series will be challenged for viewership by 3 other DC comic's series "The Flash", "Gotham" and "Constantine". After seeing the pilot of The Flash, I think we've really got a contender here and if i were "Arrow", I will step things up a bit just to make sure that I don't loose my fans.

Can't wait for this show. Premiere date: October 8th, 2014.

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