Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Worthy 2014/2015 scary movies: Trailer Reviews

Happy Halloween my dear creepy crawlees, I'm a little bummed about the fact that we do not celebrate halloween here in Nigeria because to be honest, we have lots of people we can dress up as. Ranging from corrupt politicians to some rather unscrupulous characters that reside in the country. On to more interesting matter, although I do not watch scary movies "not because I'm scared or anything" but I've seen some pretty scary trailers that I just have to share with you guys and I know they are definitely halloween worthy. So be the judge and let's here what you think about them.

1. Amityville : The Awakening

This scary beauty is on top of my list because well, It's scary and that's all I can tell you but to me, scary doesn't even begin to cut it. The movie starring Bella ThorneTaylor SprietlerJennifer Jason Leigh sees a mother moving her children to a new city to treat her third child at the best neurology department in the nation not knowing that the house she just moved into had a very bloody history. I've never really been a fan of Bella but I think this movie is halloween worthy and although Bella Thorne looks like a gothic barbie, she might actually have an impact on the movie because who doesn't like seeing barbie get tossed around *wink* *wink*.

2. Annabelle

When I first saw this, I thought why are all these stories always based on true stories, If they really are, the world is so screwed up. Apparently, there is this doll that contains some kind of spirit or demon and it's sole mission is to terrify and probably kill the family. This doll was invoked during during a very terrifying experience for the family after their home was invaded by satanic cultists. The scare level of this movie is off the charts and I can assure you, you'll be at the edge of your sit most of the time.

3. Silent Retreat

This movie is not your basic scary movie but I argue differently, this movie as the name suggests is about a retreat that went horribly wrong when one of them went missing and it also seems that around that area, there had been a couple of murders where the girls' tongue had been cut out. The thing I found most fascinating about this movie is the little boy in the movie especially when he said "ask the cat what curiosity can do"

The woman in black

Even though this movie will not be starring its original cast as the latest installation will take place 40 years after the first one, it will still very scary. During WWii, a group of children were moved into The Eel Marsh house where they started to experience strange phenomenon which involved lots of screaming and following and much more screaming. The sickest thing about this trailer is the night prayer the children said before they slept, remind you of any song?

Insidious: Chapter 3

This movie is one of the scariest in this line up. After watching this movie, girls will think twice before knocking the wall adjoining to their cute neighbours. Ever felt there is someone in the house or someone was about to touch you and you turn your back and no one is there, This movie will surely help you confirm that someone is there but you just might not be able to see them.

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