Thursday, 27 November 2014

As We Say Goodbye to Middle Earth: Battle of Five Armies

Hmmmmmmmmmm, This is one movie I'm going to really miss and this is not because it is really impressive but for what it stands for in my family. We don't really get to meet up and have fun together but this movie over these past 3 years has brought us together for what I affectionately call "OUR HOBBIT OUTING". We pick a date, take a family day's out and cap it up with THE HOBBIT, pretty sweet right?

Enough of my reminiscing, as we are saying goodbye to middle earth again, I'm going to start posting pictures of scenes and characters from the movie which will have different questions attached to them and you as fans of middle earth will be required to answer them and I will warn you, they will get more difficult as the days go by. They will posted over the next few days till DECEMBER 17.

Have fun and enjoy

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