Thursday, 13 November 2014

Introducing the latest segment: GUESS THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!

Here it comes people, my new segment on this blog and I'm not proud to say it but I stole the idea from a friend or borrow as I like to think I am doing. Ok, the segment is suppose to test your knowledge of movies and since I'm not an expert, I'll like you guys to chip in every once in a while too.

That being said, I know quite a lot about certain movies and some which I will start with. For this week, the question is the one in italics. Thanks in advance for weighing in and let's have fun

A wizard had being looking for him for a long time, when they finally met, the meeting was very short and it led to one of the worst experiences of his life but when their second meeting took place, it got him the girl of his dreams, he defeated a powerful sorceress and saved the world. 

Which movie does this detail belong to?

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