Sunday, 16 November 2014

My Top Three TV shows of the week


As weeks go by, We've been seeing a lot of changes in characters on our beloved TV shows and I think it's time to start picking which shows have the best episodes for the week. Although this is just my version of this type of segment, I will like to know if you agree with my assessment or not.

Although there are lots of shows out there with remarkable episodes and as we all know, you can't watch them all so I will be sharing the little I have watched with you.

To kick off this segment is a show I love and I've been following for the past 10 seasons and I hope to keep following. Please enjoy my review and let me know what you think and which shows you think should be on the list. AND BE CAREFUL, SPOILERS AHEAD


These awesome dynamic duo had their lives played out in front of them as a musical. Can you believe that? The show was everything I hoped it would be, the theatrics, the puns, the weird Castiel/Dean relationship. I hope I am not the only one who can't stop seeing Castiel and Dean as more than just friends now. As usual, Eric Kripke wowed us with a very well placed cameo from Chuck and I'm sure every die hard supernatural fan was very excited about that.

To end this, I will leave you with a question I have for Eric Kripke and I hope some of you have the same question too. Is Chuck really God in the show?

Scandal: The Last Supper 

I know I am not alone in thinking Papa Pope is the biggest and baddest baddie on TV right now no offense to all the other baddies out there but Papa Pope takes it home this episode. I know this guy has always been a bad guy but this episode was more than awesome especially when Olivia thought she had successfully lured him in. He capped it up with the disappearance of the B613 files and made everyone including the president look stupid.

I also know that I'm not the only one who's tired of this game of back and forth Olivia is playing with the president and Jake as in pick one already and let the other one move on. Hurrah for Mellie but it seems like it is going to be a short-lived happiness for her and Poor Huck and his son Harvey, going through that kind of trauma lives a mark.

Criminal Minds: Hashtag

Also on its 10th season, I have loved this show with all my heart. What does that say about me right? but I can't be blamed for Mark Gordon's awesomeness and part of what I like most about the show is the word of thought session they always have before the show begins and after it ends.

All right enough blabbing about my love for the show and let's talk about the episode. This episode might look like nothing special but it is in the message it carries. It shows the level of vulnerability of the social network. It also shows more about the season's message as this is not the first time this season that the show has tried to convey this message.

This show has shown me what kind of real baddies are out there and I know it is a work of fiction but I think I get the message.

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