Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Fan Art of Doctor Strange a.k.a Benedict Cumberbatch: Which one's your favorite?

Source: Screenrant, Artist: JustaBlink

Hi people, I know most of you already know what or who this is about. The sorcerer supreme himself, Doctor Strange a.k.a Benedict Cumberbatch. Fans all over the world have been attempting to make their own fan art versions of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and a couple of them seem to have cut the eye of SCREENRANT. Please know that all pictures there in were all pulled from screenrant.com and please tell me which ones you like better as I myself I'm partial to the first one on the list as he looks just like the comic version.

Although this first one is the original art posted by the director of the movie, Scott Derrickson with the caption "Strabge but not  stranger" - Talking Heads, I think I still prefer the one by YlianaKapella-Neidon even though the name is as weird as it comes.

1. By YlianaKapella-Neidon

2. By XteaveaBanto

3. By pencilsandnougats

4. By camw1n

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