Monday, 22 December 2014

Legend of Korra Series Finale: My review


Legend of Korra has ended *sobs*, I mean I loved this particular season so much especially the last two episodes. I was most impressed with the fact that Korra did not have to rely on the Avatar state to finish off the war.

It seemed like she had finally found balance within herself thereby becoming stronger and having to act smarter. I was very happy for Juli and Verik and it seemed liked everyone got the happy ending they always wanted and especially with the lovely trip to the spirit world Asami and Korra have just embarked on.

As it turns out that Kuvira was just suffering from fear of being abandoned and this fear extended to the rest of the Earth Empire. Prince Wu, the very over-dramatic legitimate ruler of the earth kingdom also decided that the earth kingdom should give democracy a try.

I am pained at the idea that I will not be seeing this guys again because Nickelodeon in all their right and majesty have decided that the show is no longer profitable for the network and they decided to cut funding to the show.

Goodbye Republic City and Team Avatar

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