Friday, 5 December 2014

My Review of The Flash/Arrow Crossover Episode: Who do you think would win, The Flash or Arrow?

I know I'm not alone in thinking this was a very cool idea. Seeing both of them together working side by side was awesome, Oliver, my broody ex-billionaire and my naive upcoming hero Barry. They both nailed their roles beautifully.

So let me talk about the point of this whole post which is which Episode did I like better?

I just want to say for the record, I liked them both but as we all know, two suns can't shine in the sky that only happens when Rick Riordan writes a book. Trust me, that dude's crazy but I love him.

Let's start with THE FLASH's Episode. I.e the Arrow's crossover. That Episode was good which is all I can say about it and it felt like the story was a bit rushed, it seemed like they were trying to fit so many things into one Episode which might be what they intended but it also felt obvious. Oliver seemed irrelevant until he took it upon himself to train Barry who always seemed to get his ass handed to him almost every time. Someone needed to knock some sense into him and I'm glad Oliver was there. So it seems like Iris/The Flash might be officially over and her detect boyfriend is finally shaping out to be the villain I think he was supposed to be.

Now, on to my favorite, THE ARROW Episode. I loved this episode, the boomerang guy reminds me of Sorka in The Last Airbender except he also had the trait of *sparky sparky boom boom* guy and he even got the weird nickname.

This episode had everything I enjoyed about Arrow and more especially since sinco made such a lovely fan boy in THE ARROW CAVE and Barry was so dorky especially when he thought Diggle's soon-to-be wife already knew his secret. The Flash team brought a ray of sunshine to this very gloomy and extra serious show which was a welcome relief since we still got to see Oliver kick ass except Barry kept on stealing his thunder. I also feel like Barry had more of the comic book's The Flash character. The arrogance and the very cute show of his speed along with his ability to joke even in serious situations.

All in all, I loved this crossover and I hope to see more of it. Lest I forget, This is a very important question. At the end of Arrow's crossover episode, The Flash and Arrow wanted to find out who was the best. So my question is this, Who do you think would have won, The Flash or The Arrow? 

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