Friday, 23 January 2015

Arrow "Left Behind" Review

First of all, I want to THANK The CW for dashing my hopes of seeing Oliver being revived in a marvelous way i.e The Lazarus Pit. This is so not fair, I had such high hopes for you guys and you just screwed it up. I hope you have more in store for us for the other half of the season because if I was to go by what you guys did last night, I'm not impressed at all.

I WANT OLIVER BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!, you guys tried but the story-line looked very mashed up like you just wanted to do something without Oliver in it. I understand that your aim is to help us understand what happened to Oliver's lackeys after his disappearance and they are definitely not handling it well especially with Laurel channeling her inner Sara a.k.a mid-life crisis.

I look forward to seeing a better story-line next week.

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