Thursday, 15 January 2015

My Review of the short film "Fight Scene"

Nollywood is going places and thank God for that especially with what I just watched while scrolling through Linda Ikeji's Blog. It seems like Stealth Entertainment and Intersection Media are trying to push the envelope on how fight scenes in Nigerian movies will look like in years to come. And I am sincerely impressed even though they still need to get some of the kinks right but this is up to a good start.

The Scene Proper:

I loved the cinematography as well as the attitude of the actors involved as in for a new and upcoming short film, you guys nailed it. You could be better though and I am seriously looking forward to what you will do next in the sequel, Fight Scene 2: The Brawl.

I also loved the set as it looks very much like the director and the set designer put a lot of work into it and it seems well choreographed but it also seemed too choreographed because it was kind of obvious that the actors were staging the fight. Not that it is bad or anything but they should make sure it is more real next time. I also loved how the phone calls were inserted into the fight as a kind of cut-off point in the short film and especially the way the calls were from the two people that have the ability to calm any man. 

The sound effect was a masterpiece and I am in awe of the sound director as you do not see this very often in Nollywood movies except for the occasional Nigerian sound effect I'm sure the readers know all about what I mean. The sound director should take note of the sound effect from the guns as it seems like they were both using pistols and only one sounded as such.

Kudos to you guys and keep it up!!!!!!!!!!! This is what I want to see from my country and thanks guys for renewing my hope.

The epic action of "Fight Scene" unfolds in a warehouse in which two men engage themselves in an unrelenting assault.

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