Friday, 9 January 2015

People's Choice Awards Download link

So as awards season has fully begun and our favorite stars have started gracing the red carpet with their presence decked in all their beautiful tuxedos and gowns, we, the masses are all set in from of our TVs to see which of our favorite stars will be making it and which will be taking a dive but to be honest, that's not what most people go there to look at or should I say, even though they are all decked up, most are still pretty nervous about if they will be taking home an award or not. I don't envy you guys yet as I also have a dream I'm nurturing.

No one wants to hear me ranting about that so I'll get straight to the point. Some won, some lost, I cried, laughed and well was pretty pissed at some of the winners but we all have to live with it. Better luck next time to all the nominees that didn't win.

Below is a download link to the award. Download link 1Download link 2

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