Monday, 16 February 2015

Jupiter Ascending: My Review


Hmmmm, what do I say about this movie exactly? I guess it was interesting in its own way but not that much as well. The movie feels incomplete like its lacking something critical, like there's a punch-line that I could not see or feel. Like my sister said, the movie lacks the butterflies effect i.e the movie doesn't give you much to remember it for.

All that being said, the movie definitely had its moments and it's actually not as bad as other critics are making it out to be. Lana and Andy Wachowski are way below in their sci-fi quota though since I expected much more from the minds that created The Matrix.

You guys spent so much money on this movie and I would not like to see it go to waste like this. Exceptional CGI though and the storyline felt like it had too much going like it was pulled directly from a child's story book. Better luck next time guys.

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