Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Marvel Releases New Movie Release Dates: THOR, SPIDER-MAN and many more

Marvel has always been the name to reckon with as they have relentlessly proved themselves to the general populace. I was very glad when I heard that they bought back the rights to the spiddy franchise and even more so, they will be releasing the first of it in 2017. Along with the new spider-man reboot will come some other very interesting movies that I am very sure people will be excited about. Below is the list of movies and their release dates:

Spider-Man reboot - 28 July 2017
Thor: Ragnorok - 3 November 2017
Black Panther - 6 July 2018
Captain Marvel - 2 November 2018
Inhumans - 12 July 2019

PLEASE NOTE that Thor: Ragnork's release date happens to be a day after my birthday so readers should start donating to my birthday fund for the movie ticket's fee "Premier Tickets" to be precise. Also, Captain Marvel as God will have it falls on my birthday too so you get the gist. THANKS IN ADVANCE. 

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