Saturday, 14 February 2015

Scandal Episode 12 recap: Is Olivia Pope in over her head?

Source: Christian

Is it just me or does anyone else think Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers are really stepping up their game with this new half of the season? The show has become even more interesting than I imagined and they keep changing the narrative to suit both current world events and viewers sense of curiosity.

The new episode had Olivia thinking she had successfully manipulated her lead captor but as faith will have it, a psycho lacky shot him and took his place. Bad luck for Olivia right? To worsen her case, the Iranians paid for her outside the bid and she is currently at the handing over site. Huck has fallen off the wagon big time especially with Olivia gone and it seems like he is more of an a** than we thought.

This show keep raising the bar with every episode and I hope they deliver a very awesome rest of the season.

And please is anyone asking, where the hell is PAPA POPE?

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