Monday, 23 February 2015

See what is going on with your favorite show: Once upon a time and more

Curious to know what will be going on in some your favorite TV shows, here is what I learnt about some of them last week.

Good Wife - This cool show will be returning March 1st and it will be landing with a bang as Lemond Bishop will be calling in that favor that Kalinda owes him and no, it's not what you think as was written in the article.

Colin Sweeney, the show's resident psychopath or as we should call him "The Black Widower" will be making an appearance with Laura Benanati as his new arm candy

Once Upon a Time -It seems like even though Robin Hood left Storybrooke at the end of section 4A, he will be back in some capacity as Regina's soul mate. Also, it seems like Emma's childhood friend Lily will also be making an appearance on the show.

Stalker - I have learnt that this show will be adding another hunk to the show in person of Detective Ryan. He will be smart, handsome, tech-savvy, chamming with a bit of sense of humor. What I wonder is that does this mean that Ben is out of the picture?

Supernatural - As this is one of my best shows ever, I will be very disappointed if they let me down and it seems like they won't be because the Winchesters will be meeting Cain and will eventually ask him for help but Cain's brand of help might not be what they hoped it would be.

Reign - A new queen will be entering this show in person of Queen Elizabeth the first as Mary's rival. The monarch is described as beautiful, cunning, brave, vulnerable and in love. This definitely shows a kind of new love triangle probably with The Prince of Kande at its center.

Grey's Anatomy - This show might be welcoming yet another guy for chics to faun over before the end of this season. Jack Pruitt will be a strong, rugged, handsome and tall police captain who will be widely open to the women on Grey+Sloan Memorial.

It seems like we are in for a treat this half of the season and I can't wait to watch most of this shows.

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