Thursday, 19 March 2015

Empire: Episode 11 & 12 Review "Die but once" & "Who I am"


I know everyone that watches this awesome show agrees with me when I say, they've done a good job with this show. I mean well done Fox and Lee Daniels, you guys have given me so much to look forward to next season.

Now to the review proper, Episode 11 "Die but once" was a roller coaster that ended in such a cliffhanger and thank God 12 followed in rapid succession or I would have suffered from "the waiting syndrome" over the weekend. Anika and Hakeem's weirdness for lack of a better word and the look on Lousious's face when he found out was priceless "like bread soaked with water". The betrayal cookie felt when she found out about bunkie and Andre finding "Jesus" were some of the things that made me like this episode best of all.

Episode 12 "Who I am" took the crown for me as this lovely episode closed with the Lyon himself behind a cage. Jamal got the throne, Hakeem got a jet, Andre got a foundation while Cookie got a pillow, I mean Lousious has a mean sense of humor. We got to see Rita Ora though, that sounds good right? This episode also showed us a little glimpse at what might be going on next season with everyone moving on after Lousious's arrest and he vowing to make a comeback. I think this episode had a good blowout but I felt it was missing something, don't know what though.

What do you expect next season?, sound off in the comment session.

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