Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Flash: Review of Episode 15 "Out of time"

Last night's episode was wow to say the least, it was fresh, rousing, amazing and an all round breath of fresh air. I thought to myself after I was done watching it "this is why they waited this long" it had the general flash episode vibe with the hunting down of a superhuman thing along with a great discovery and may I say Harrison Wells as Reverse Flash is so cool that even the way he kills is cool and that brings me to the great tragedy, the death of Cisco. I am still not choosing not to believe he's dead but I guess a hand through your chest is a pretty definitive way to die but I'm in denial as it were.

Another big deal which I know most of us have been waiting for has finallllly happened, The big reveal. Iris found out that Barry is Flash and as an added bonus, she finally told him how she felt and they shared this wonderful "You might die soon" kind of kiss and it was epic. They had the nice ocean view, the wall of water, they were in a park and all even though they might have died at least they can't say their first time wasn't special. Don't mind me, I'm crazy that way.

Lastly, Barry discovered time-travel, how cool is that. This, I know we'll see more of next week but boy, I can't wait for it. I'm so excited, are you?

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