Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Flash: Episode 17 "Tricksters" Review

The flash is one show I always enjoy watching and this week's episode has proved that the writers of this awesome show actually know what they are doing.

The episode answered perfectly the question that has been on everyone's lips since the beginning of the show and now we know how it all began and possibly where it will be heading. In this episode, we were taken back to the night Barry's mother died and all through the episode showed how the reverse flash stalked and killed the real Dr Wells to become him by using some weird looking thingamajig and performing a very effective cosmetic surgery which I know some people wish they can perform "won't mention names".

This show *there I say it* impresses me with every episode and Tom Cavanagh makes a very convincing psychopath and villian so they have that going for them. Yeah, lest I forget, the trickster came to town and he, like every other villian thought he was smarter than the flash team and yes, I said the flash team at least every hero should have one except Batman. I loved the priceless moment when he realized that the flash didn't die and all his precious $125 million were bye bye and its back to Iron heights for him but on the bright side, he has his son with him.

The new question the show needs to answer is, what happened to the flash from the future?

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