Friday, 1 May 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron: My review


I'll be honest with you guys and I say this with all the love for the franchise. You guys could have done much better especially since the first installment was so good, not that this wasn't equally good, it just seemed like it was missing a little bit of dazzle.

In the last installment, we got to experience these very different people come together and form this very incredible team but in this one, it seemed like the writers did not explore their relationship with each other and it was all fight, all the time. We needed to see more of them together as a team even if it is concerning their differences.

All that being said, this movie was a spectacular work of Marvel. They've shown as usual how good they are with fight scenes and seriously, I think Stan Lee and Joss Whedon secretly nurse the idea of destroying the world *don't crucify me but it's what I think* because these guys and their team find very creative ways to destroy the human race and they remind me of Pinky and the Brain except instead of ruling the world everyday, they want to destroy it.

Ultron, this guy deserves his own paragraph because he is just the best villian ever especially since he has a great sense of humor too. Like in the comics, he is the dark side of Tony Stark especially since he's also inherited some of his greatest attributes too. The dude is sick as in cuckoo and he has successfully set Cap and Tony on a part to Captain America: Civil War and rightfully and perfectly done.

The weird thing about the movie is the relationship or lack there of between Widow and Barner/Hulk and the way they refer to the calming of Hulk as a lullaby like guys seriously he is the f***ing Hulk. It's alright though because The Vision was cooooooolllll so was The Scarlet witch who I think they should upgrade a bit but as of now, she's OK.

The movie in its entirety was a work of art and I see awards in your future especially with that last scene that included Thanos.

Love the glove BTW.

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