Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Nicole Kidman confirmed to play a major role in Wonder woman

Source: screenrant.com
Hello guys, I've been out of commission for a while now so you might have to forgive me for that or don't, I deserve it. Okay moving on to the news in proper, I just read that Nicole Kidman was just confirmed in the Wonder woman movie played by Gal Gadot. How cool is that, I mean it's been a roller coaster with people trying to guess who will be on the list and what the story-line would be about.

Nicole Kidman is a wonderful addition but the more important question is what will her role be in the movie? I am thinking Queen Hippolyta(Wonder woman's mother) but I could be wrong especially if you follow the story of Diana being Zeus's daughter then she could be playing the role of Zeus's wife, Hera. Do you think she'd make a better Hera? Let me know and sound off in the comment section

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