Friday, 9 May 2014

Mila Kunis finally opened up about her Pregnancy and Engagement

Mila Kunis, Ellen Degeneres
Mila Kunis is breaking her silence!

Months after E! News exclusively confirmed her pregnancy and engagement, the Jupiter Ascending actress opened up about her personal life on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowFriday. "Congratulations," Ellen DeGeneres said. "Now you hid it for a while. "I mean, you got away with it for a long time."
"I did," Kunis admitted. "We were actually able to hide it for a very long time. I know. It's amazing."
Kunis played coy when DeGeneres inquired about her due date. "Some time this year. I promise you," she teased. "It will be this year." The Oz the Great and Powerful star also declined to reveal her baby's gender, and though she and Ashton Kutcher have picked out a name, they chose to keep that private.
"I'm going to guess what it is by the end of this segment," DeGeneres said. "I'm going to guess what it is."
As far as cravings go, Kunis said, "I'm very stereotypical. I eat sauerkraut all day long. Here's the truth."
"Because you're from the Ukraine, right?" DeGeneres asked.
"I guess so," the Friends With Benefits star said. "This is the worst craving to have because sauerkraut smells and so every time you open up a jar it just reeks in the whole kitchen...It's not like ice cream where everything smells lovely."
Kunis said she also craves pickles—and as luck would have it, DeGeneres had some handy! "Look at this. Is this Bubbies sauerkraut?" she asked. "It's Bubbies sauerkraut. I've gone through all of them."
"Oh, you know your sauerkraut," DeGeneres said, marveling at her guest. "And you just eat it raw like that?"
"Yeah. Is that weird?" Kunis asked. "How do you eat yours?"
"I don't, really," DeGeneres deadpanned. "No."
"It smells so bad," Kunis said. "These are great pickles...Vinegar based food, I guess, is what I'm craving."
"So, that to me is leaning boy," DeGeneres surmised.
"Interesting," Kunis said, smiling. "Okay."

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