Monday, 23 June 2014

Kelsey Grammer expresses interest in being in another X-Men movie

Kelsey Grammer also known as Beast/Hank McCoy "the older version" has expressed interest in reprising his role in another X-men movie. He stated that he really enjoyed playing the role which prompts him to want to reprise the role but it seems like the current trend X-men is taking involves the younger version which is played by Nicholas Hoult but that does not stop the possibility of the older version of the mutant and it certainly did not stop Kelsey's cameo appearance in X-men: Days of future past.

Kelsey recently said in an interview that he really wanted to appear in X-men: Days of future past and he was happy when he got the cameo. Here is what he said on the issue.

"I hope to do another. I hope they find some way to come up with a new story that involves Beast in my timeline."
"Actually I called Bryan. I bumped into Hugh Jackman and he said, 'Oh you're gonna be in another X-Men, mate!' and I said, 'No I'm not, I don't know anything about it.' So I made a couple of inquiries, got a hold of the script, found out that it's primarily dealing with the past and that timeline I don't have a place in, but I saw that at the end there was this coda where he made an appearance. I said, 'Listen, I really wanna be involved,' so Bryan arranged for it and I had a lovely time."

I especially enjoyed he's version of the mutant but that is not to say that Nicholas as not played the role well. I would love to see him again but to be frank i love the present plot of the movie better than the previous ones.

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