Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rumor Patrol: Lex Luthor's personality in Batman vs Superman and Batman News reported that Eisenberg has long, slightly wavy dirty blond which is different from his usually curly hairstyle. Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is said to be the kind of billionaire you would not like at all. He is reported to be a jerk and one hell of an egomanic. A source told that Holly Hunter's character as a U.S senator visited Lexcorp and was treated badly by Lex. 
The source elaborates:
“[Lex is] a slimy businessman we can all despise. You are going to hate this guy. You are going to root for him to be punched by Supes when he weasels his way out of legal trouble. He is cocky and confident because he is THAT good at what he does. He’s a billionaire who knows he is more powerful than the Senator and Congressman visiting because he’s a billionaire.”
Already, set photos revealing the outward appearance of Lexcorp has been posted online since last week but new rumors states that the interior reveals more of Lex's personality reporting that the lobby contains a basketball court which would allow Lex to shoot hoops anytime he wants. I would like to state that these are just rumors but that would be really great if it were true. 

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