Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My review of wacky actors: Christopher Walken

Famous for his ability to portray mentally unbalanced characters, it would not do the actor justice to just say that he is good, this actor is very good at what he does and personally, he scares me even when he's not in character. Christopher Walken has been known to portray a range of characters but i was introduced to him when he portrayed the "Hessien Horseman" in 1999's Sleepy Hollow alongside Johnny Depp.Although I'll only be reviewing 3 of his movies, I still really like this actor.

 In this movie, the actor did not say much come to think of it, he did not say anything at all but he was still awesome either way. His portrayal of the character was spot on and downright freaky. Also kudos to the costume director and the make-up artist for making the actor more terrifying than he originally looks with the vampire-like teeth and the spiky hair. 


Christopher Walken is not only a talented actor but also a talented vocalist. The musical HAIRSPRAY always seemed wacky to me but even wackier was seeing this iconic actor singing. I mean i was impressed although as i said earlier that he scares me, this was one musical i watched and i'm not much of a musical person. His character as Tracy's dad, Wilbur Turnblad was charming and quite funny. he was a real goof in the movie. Alongside some big names like Zac Efron, John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer made the 2007 remake of the 1988 musical worth it.

Although this movie's spotlight was stolen by Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Walken's portrayal of Frank Abagnale Sr was very good proving that the actor is quite good at what he does. He mentioned in an interview that he thinks the reason he was able to portray the character is because he is quite the crook himself which i agree he might be.

I might not have seen most of his movies but i think this actor is one of the wackiest actors ever. I can't wait to see how he portrays his newest role as Captain Hook in NBC's upcoming rendition of Peter Pan. 

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