Friday, 5 September 2014

New 'The Flash' trailer released "The Guardian Angel"

'The Flash' is arguably one of the most anticipated new shows this Fall. The show which is a spin-off of CW's hit show 'Arrow' is said to be different from its sister show in the way that it will be lighter and more relaxed than the dark plot 'Arrow' has. But considering the new trailer that was released by CW, I think the show might not be that different from 'Arrow' as Barry Allen also has his own demons to fight considering that he endured what most children would never dream of enduring. Witnessing the death of his mother was a traumatic time for Barry which will in turn lead the show on a quest to discover what happened to his mother. The anomaly that made him 'The Flash' has only helped him prove that he was right about "the man in the lightening".

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