Thursday, 11 September 2014

Nickelodeon release Avatar Season 4 Premiere date

It seems Christmas is coming early this year for us Avatar fans. Even though last season seemed a bit rushed due to some inconveniences experienced by Nickelodeon and after we all thought we will have to wait another year for a new Avatar, Nickelodeon released a tweet yesterday stating the new name and date of release for the new Avatar.

We should be seeing Avatar Korra bending her way to our screens on October 3rd and even though I'm having mixed feelings about this, I am still so excited that I get to see another Avatar so soon.

This is a bitter-sweet experience because it seems like this might be the last time we will be seeing our Avatar. Although we miss Avatar Aang *who i still wanna see by the way*, Avatar Korra has really stepped up to the challenge and proved that even though Aang might be her exact opposite, they are the same in so many ways.

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