Thursday, 11 September 2014

Star Wars Director J.J Abrams hints at The Return of the Empire

Director J.J Abrams is undoubtedly one of those fun directors as he really enjoys teases the fans with tidbit knowledge about the movies he is involved with and Star Wars: Episode Vii is no exception. He has been giving us little mouth-watering infos about the movie and the latest of those is his new attempt to lament about Apple's new watch and at the same time fuel our curiosity about Episode Vii.

He posted the picture above on his official Bad Robot twitter page with an #Applewatch. Although I'll love to get my hands on one too, Star Wars fans looking at the picture might notice that the background looks strangely like the very familiar "Death Star" which is kind of hinting at the comeback of the Empire.

What do you think people?

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